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At the Maastricht Science Programme I am responsible for teaching evolutionary biology and plant biology.

If you want to know about my teaching philosophy, you can have a look at this video (if you want, you can skip to 14.16m for my contribution). If you go to the YouTube site you can also view the movie with English subtitles (click on the settings button under the movie (the little cog wheel).

In the curriculum of MSP I coordinate the following courses:

General Botany (BIO2003)

Evolutionary biology (BIO2005)

Tropical ecology (BIO3009)

The Limburg Landscape (PRA3011)


I also teach Evolution and Ecology in the UM master programme Systems Biology.


Furthermore I am involved in teaching in Field skills in biology (PRA2009), Exploring the world of plants (PRA2011) and Introduction into natural sciences: Biology (BIO1001), as well as more general science related courses such as Research, Data analysis and presentations skills (PRA1002).


More information on the content of these and the other courses at Maastricht Science Programme can be found here.