Television performances

De vijf smaken van Joël in 2018

In 2014 I featured in the VPRO series “Pieter in de Prehistorie” (in Dutch) where I talked about the evolutionary history of our human body (chapter 7: the prehistoric man).

Up until summer 2018 I appeared in the local news show Avondgasten. View my appearances below (in Dutch)

Appearances in the second half of 2016, until summer 2018 can be found on my public FB page:

15 June 2016: How intelligent are other animals? A discussion with Mark Post inspired by the most recent book of Frans de Waal. Watch here!

18 May 2016: A White Stork dumping chicks out of the nest and endangered species, a mixed bag. Watch here!

4 May 2016: Why would you ever sit again? Here I talk about my Education That Moves You project. Watch here!

16 March 2016: Why do organisms have sex? Not as easily explained as you might think! Watch here!

8 December 2015: Do you grind your teeth? Our students have found a way to find out! Watch here!

30 September 2015: Can students only be found in the pub, I don’t think so! I take them out into nature during my Limburg Landscape course. Watch here!

15 April 2015: Neonicotinoids are more dangerous to bees and other insects than previously thought. What does this mean for us? Watch here!

21 January 2015: Neanderthals have lived around Maastricht some 200.000 years ago. What kind of humans were they? Watch here (complete show, my item starts at 25.14m)

11 December 2014: discovering new plant species om the tropics. Watch here!

22 May 2014: more and more deformations are found in amphibians. Why an how? Watch here!

7 April 2014: ticks are sometimes dangerous but what can you do about them? Watch here (complete show, my item starts at 36.40m)